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16 Jun

#LuvNote: A Thank You to My Parents

With Mother’s Day last month and Father’s Day coming up this weekend, it is a great time to reflect on the lessons and values I have learned from my parents. I am the byproduct of having two parents who invested heavily in my personal and academic development from an early age, and I am fortunate to have them as my greatest teachers.

Growing up in a Sikh family in Pennsylvania, spirituality and Indian culture were a big part of my life. I participated in Indian dance, sang hymns at our local Gurdwara every Sunday, spent most of my time studying, playing piano, horseback riding, running track, and traveling with my family, including our annual trips to India to visit our family.

My father immigrated from India and came to the United States on a scholarship where he attended Wilkes University for his MBA. Since then, I am proud to say that he has established the Jay S Sidhu School of Business and Leadership at Wilkes to help develop thousands of other students.

My dad is extremely devoted to constantly learning and growing and has always told me you should always have something “significant left to do” in life. Something that not only inspires and motivates you but also helps serve others. I learned from his drive and commitment to always be the best that I can be, to never give up when life throws you curveballs, and to be a life-long learner. Seeing him in action, making his own life dreams a reality showed me the power to have a clear goal and pursue it with passion and dedication.

I also have deep respect for my mom, who was born in Punjab, India, and came to the US after she married my father at the age of 20. She earned a Master’s in health and business administration after coming to a new country while juggling two young children. After that, she worked for several years until she decided to dedicate her life fully to raising her kids. My mom is my superhero and has taught me what it means to love selflessly, be dedicated to family, have compassion and empathy for others, and value spiritual living (living with gratitude, purpose, and authenticity).

The mixture of characteristics I have adopted from my parents have helped me expand my own life in beautiful ways.  I live my life dreaming about what’s next while mindfully living in gratitude for what is already here. My parents helped me believe that a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit is key to achieving my goals, and if I remained dedicated and persevered, I would win in the end. It is because of them that I had the confidence and determination to start and build BM Technologies Inc, which has been one of the greatest, most fulfilling gifts in life.  Our mission at BMTX is to create a financially empowering banking experience rooted in affordability, transparency, and exceptional customer service. In the journey to achieve BMTX’s mission, I became one of the few young female CEOs of a publicly traded company and the youngest female founder and CEO to ever take a company public at the time of BMTX’s listing.

This LuvNote is a huge THANK YOU to my amazing, loving, selfless, and inspiring parents and to all the parents out there.  Thank you for all you do. Wishing everyone a wonderful Father’s day as well! 

With Love,

30 Apr

#LuvNote: Feeling (Financially) Empowered!

April is always an exciting month! Earlier this month, we reported that through the pandemic, we have had the opportunity to provide our customers with hundreds of millions of dollars of government payments, including stimulus payments and tax refunds, more quickly than traditional banks. We know how crucial funds are during these difficult times and it has been exciting for the entire BM Technologies (BMTX) team to see how many of our customers consider their accounts as their primary account. Reaching these milestones and finding new ways to support our customers is what keeps us going.

It’s Financial Literacy Month!

Our vision for BM Technologies (BMTX), formerly known as BankMobile, is to prioritize financially empowering our customers and use technology to provide them with the best digital banking experience. Since founding BM Technologies (BMTX), our focus has been on financial empowerment and we are commemorating Financial Literacy Month by reflecting on the services we provide to help our customers.

  • Passport: We serve our students through BankMobile Vibe and Passport is the account’s recognition program where users earn stamps for smart money management, academic achievement and good financial behavior. Every stamp earned also gives them an entry into the Student Success Sweepstakes for a chance to win prize money put toward paying off their student loan debt. Approximately 1,420,000 customers are currently enrolled or participating in Passport. Since the launch of the Passport program and sweepstakes, BM Technologies (BMTX) has awarded customers a total of over $200,000.

  • Scholarship: We also have an Annual Financial Empowerment Scholarship, which was started in 2015 and rewards students who understand the important role that financial empowerment plays in life. The deadline for video applications is July 16, 2021, so please don’t hesitate to share the details with a student in your network who can benefit from the opportunity.

  • Financial Wellness Solution: We have a partnership with Prudential Financial, Inc. to provide a full-service financial wellness solution to our Workplace Banking and BankMobile Vibe checking account customers. The solution provides customers with a financial wellness assessment to explore how they are spending, planning and protecting their money and assets. The platform also gives tips on how to gain peace-of-mind with saving and spending.

  • Blog and Social Media: We have a Financial Wellness Blog, which is a one-stop-shop for financial inspiration and motivation featuring articles and advice. We also offer financial tips and tricks on our social media platforms—follow/like us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok!

In honor of Financial Literacy Month and to continue focusing on our goal to empower our customers financially, BM Technologies (BMTX) is challenging not just our customers but everyone to take a pledge to thrive towards financial freedom. We are excited to engage with our customers and others and watch them take the pledge. Reaching your financial goals is very rewarding, so I hope you consider taking the pledge with me.

To take the pledge head over to BMTX Instagram and check out the “Story Templates”:

Lastly, the team and I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can further help our customers even more regarding financial literacy. DM us on IG – I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

With Love,

P.S. Because of my wonderful connections on LinkedIn, I was able to come across Business Insider’s “22 free or affordable online finance course from top schools like Yale and UPenn’s Wharton School” and wanted to share with you all!

29 Mar

#LuvNote: Leading Women in Fintech

Reflecting Back on International Women’s Day, Celebrating Women’s History Month, and Leading Women in Fintech

Reflecting back on International Women’s Day 2021 (#ChooseToChallenge) and as we continue to observe Women’s History Month 2021, it is a time for us to acknowledge and celebrate some extraordinary leading women’s achievements who have paved the way for others in the financial technology space, honor the women whom we live and work alongside every day, and keep pushing toward gender equality.

In 1870, Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to open her own brokerage firm and the first woman to run for president. In 1903, Maggie L. Walker became the first woman to charter a bank in the United States. In 1967, Muriel “Mickie” Siebert became the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and first Lady Abigail Adams was known for her management of family finances and investments. These stories are just some of many in the line of impressive women leaders who have influenced financial services.

The number of women involved in fintech startups has grown at a slow pace over the last decade. Women founders or cofounders now comprise 12.2% of total startups vs. 10.9% a decade ago. There are less than 30% of women in fintech, and less than 20% of them hold executive positions.

The current She-cession due to the coronaconomy has women taking the biggest economic slam. As of December 2020, women accounted for 55% of the 9.6M net jobs lost in 2020; and nearly half of the 12.1M jobs lost among women from February to April 2020 haven’t returned. The She-cession has occurred because women are overrepresented in high-contact industries like dining, retail, education, and travel. These have been majorly hit by lockdowns and social distancing. To avoid the next She-cession, women must achieve gender equality; women need to found and join the next Fortune 500s to shape a diverse corporate culture from the beginning and accumulate generational wealth for themselves.

As one of the youngest female founders and CEOs to ever take a company public (NYSE: BMTX), it is my honor to lead a company that is inclusive of gender vibrant teams. As proven by our BMTX statistics, we’re certainly not letting the FinTech industry’s slow pace related to gender diversity impact our ability to pave the way as a leading organization in this realm. Gender aside, I am grateful for the unique perspective each individual team member brings to the table and voices at BMTX on a daily basis. May we continue to lead the way and set the pace in the FinTech industry with gender diversity accomplishments—both as an organization and individually.

And as a global community, may we continue to make waves of impact from this generation to the next, and so on and so forth!

With Love,

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2 Oct

LuvNote# 15 – Change Really Starts with YOU!

The world is about to change for the better and you can be a major part of it. I attended the annual Singularity University Global Summit last month, which is a conference that aims to bring together a world-class collection of leaders to better understand the future through exponential technologies, creating meaningful connections among colleagues, and empowering every individual to go out and build a better world. One of the main takeaways I got from the conference is that now is the best time to start a business. Not just any business but a business that will help shape our world for years to come.

“Now is the best time to start a business. Not just any business but a business that will help shape our world for years to come.”

When we think about it, the world is now more connected than it has ever been. As we speak, there are 3.8 billion people who are connected through the power of the internet and as we continue to make technological strides the whole world will be connected by 2022-2025. That’s an additional 4.2 billion new consumers, 4.2 billion opportunities to provide solutions to, and 4.2 billion ways to do good.

Once upon a time and not too long ago, building a business was about maximizing profits no matter if the business was helpful or hurtful but now social good is at the root of a successful business. In fact, the world’s biggest problems are the biggest business opportunities. As Singularity University’s Executive Founder, Peter Diamandis stated, “Doing well means doing good.” The best way to create a billion-dollar business is to help a billion people.

“When we think about how companies like Uber, Lyft, and AirBnB have disrupted industries, they’ve done it by creating platforms, whereby they connect those with supply with those with demand.”

And today, thanks to technology, reaching a billion people has become much easier. Additionally, there is more capital available today than available in human history to help start your business… In 2017 global crowdfunding sites raised $34 billion across just 375 platforms worldwide, venture capitalist invested $84 billion globally, and initial coin offerings raised a total of $6.6 billion and we anticipate this number to keep on rising.

So what kind of businesses are likely to drive the most value in this era of exponential growth? According to Singularity University’s Amin Toufani, the biggest drivers of value are digitization, just in time delivery, and hyper customization. Additionally, he believes creating a “platform” business connecting multiple sides of a market will continue to create a lot of value. When we think about how companies like Uber, Lyft, and AirBnB have disrupted industries, they’ve done it by creating platforms, whereby they connect those with supply with those with demand. These companies also take underutilized assets and provide a market for utilization that can benefit everyone. For example, studies show that the average cost of a car in the US is $9K but the car is only used 4% of the time. Companies like Waymo (Google), GM, and Tesla have been on the forefront of creating autonomous cars and as this industry begins to take off that 4% usage of cars will likely increase exponentially. It’s also anticipated that the need to purchase cars will diminish once autonomous cars make a full debut. This will likely lead to a shift from car ownership today to a subscription model where subscribers can get access to an autonomous vehicle on demand providing them with better use of their time and money.

“Will you use this power to change the world? Change really starts with you…”

This is just one example of the way business and technology can create more value in society, but what ideas can you think of? What business can you create that can appeal to the 4.2 billion people who haven’t been connected yet using technology? We now have the power of Kings and Queens in the palm of our hands. Will you use this power to change the world? Change really starts with you… Let’s create the change that we want to see.

With Love,

6 Jul

#LuvNote #014 – Bold Leadership With A Twist

Today, more than ever before, bold leadership is needed! In this current climate of uncertainty, coupled with many instances of corruption, greed and unrighteousness, we need more leaders who are not afraid of doing what is right even if it’s not popular. To take a step back, according to the Google dictionary, bold is an adjective that describes a person, action, or idea showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. Some synonyms of bold include, daring, brave, courageous, valiant, valorous, fearless, dauntless, audacious, daredevil—all words that describe needed characteristics of a leader. In fact, if you define a bold leader, it is someone who is courageous and prepared to go against the tide of popular thinking. They often see problems and challenges as opportunities. They know and recognize their gifts and build upon them constantly.

As a leader myself, I don’t believe that a company or group can be successful without bold leadership. But is that all it takes? For me, bold leadership is the beginning, but in order to create a winning strategy you need to have bold leadership with a sprinkle of compassion. That is the winning formula.

At the most basic level, bold compassionate leadership allows you to inspire and create loyal, dedicated, and passionate employees by showing them that you are willing to be a loyal, dedicated, and passionate leader. Showing bold compassion allows your employees (or those you have the privilege of leading) to see your vision, understand your mission and be willing to own and execute that vision and mission as if it were their own. Leadership isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about putting out a goal and allowing your team to add their strength and knowledge into how to accomplish that goal. When you think about how much time employees spend at the workplace it makes total sense to instill compassion in your leadership style in order to create a nurturing environment where employees feel free to be their best selves.

Bold leadership is a must if you want to accomplish your objectives, but if you want to disrupt an industry, build a culture of excellence, and stay on the cutting edge of your business, then you must implement bold compassionate leadership. This allows you to take your company to the next level, while motivating your team to maximize their full potential to be the best that they can possibly be.

With Love,

3 Jan

LuvNote #013 – Live an Infinite Life

I recently heard author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, speak about his concept of “infinite organizations,” which are organizations built to create lasting impact beyond the lifetime of a single leader. After his talk I began to reflect and take his concept one step further and pondered what it would mean to live an “infinite life.” A life that creates ripple effects of value for ourselves and others during our lifetime and continues to leave a positive impact even when we are gone. As you prepare to make 2018 and beyond your best years yet, here are some things to think about:


When I think of individuals who have led an “infinite life” I think of individuals like Steve Jobs, who is no longer with us yet his technological contribution to the world still lives on and Anne Frank who left us at such a young age yet managed to leave a lasting impact on humanity with her honesty about her coming of age while in hiding. Or Nelson Mandela, who despite persecution and prison remained steadfast in his commitment to social justice.


Although these are all well-known names, there are countless “ordinary” people who live extraordinary lives and positively impact their families, communities and societies. The question is, how can we as ordinary people live extraordinary lives? I feel I still have a lot to learn but in my limited experience I have come to value the following principles to help me begin to build the foundation for an “infinite life.”


1. Have a Clear Purpose – Dr. Martin Luther King once said “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” In order to live an infinite life, I believe you must first clearly identify your purpose. Understanding your purpose will give you the motivation needed to keep pushing forward and will be the basis for what you leave behind.

For me, my purpose is broad…to lead the happiest, most fulfilling life and to help as many others do the same. I try to channel this purpose in everything I do. From as simple as being an encouraging friend, to a supportive family member, to an inspiring leader at work for over 200 employees, to an innovator who can potentially help millions of Americans build a stronger financial foundation for their lives through BankMobile.

Even when things don’t seem to be going my way, I sulk for a bit and then try to think of ways to transform this apparently “negative” situation into value for myself or others. Its amazing to me but since I have adopted this philosophy and life purpose I have seen my life attract so much good fortune as if the value I am working hard to create somehow also comes back to me. The universe is powerful and at times beyond the workings of our mind but I truly believe that if our purpose creates value for others that value will eventually trickle back to us in the most beautiful ways.


2. Never Remain Defeated –No matter how beat down or defeated you may feel at times, train yourself to pick yourself up. If you can pick yourself up, you can move forward to a bright future. It is a universal law that winter always turns to spring. Whatever you may be going through now will pass. Believe that with strong determination and courage you can change your circumstances. No matter what your present situation is, maintain hope. Hope is a powerful thing. Be certain that a wonderful future awaits you as long as you keep pressing forward. Such an attitude leads to miracles: ) Try it!


3. Show Gratitude Every Day – I’m sure by now you have read countless articles about the positive effects of gratitude on our overall well-being. I was astonished when author and motivational speaker, Shawn Achor shared that his research showed that only 10% of people’s happiness is based on their actual circumstances while 90% is determined by the way they perceive the world.

I often keep the following quote in my mind by Buddhist philosopher, Daisaku Ikeda: “The power of one’s state of life is indeed wondrous. The power of one’s inner determination is limitless. In identical situations or circumstances, people can achieve completely different results and lead completely different lives depending upon their life state and determination.”

By developing a life state grounded in gratitude we not only truly enjoy our own lives but are more likely to create an environment around us that is more joyful and positively impacts those around us.


4. Be a Constant Learner – They say knowledge is power. I believe it is so important to expand our minds with knowledge about the world so we can become more in tune of how we can create a positive impact through our daily activities personally and professionally. Now with thousands of podcasts and audiobooks available and news apps on every device, we can literally constantly be plugged into a source of knowledge whether we are commuting, exercising, going for a walk or getting ready for bed.

In addition to knowledge, I think its important for us to also expand our lives with “wisdom.” To me wisdom is different than knowledge. I view wisdom as a source of information that allows us to master the art of “living.”  It helps us live more wisely, compassionately and courageously all which contribute to us leading happier, more fulfilling lives which will create ripple effects of value.


5. Have a Daily Practice – Whether it’s meditation, exercise, listening to music, or writing in a journal; we should employ a daily practice that will help us recharge our power source. This helps remind us of our purpose and how we want to live out the day. This will also naturally let the feeling of gratitude flow into our being. It is important to start the day with actions that will help us maintain the life state and energy we want to exude


6. Share Your Thoughts! – I would love to hear from you guys what you believe it takes to lead an infinite life. Let’s learn from each other!

With Love,

21 Nov

LuvNote #012 – Stay In Gratitude

I’m sure many of you will be spending time with your friends and family this Thanksgiving. I will be doing the same. I’m headed to PA to be with my parents, grandma, and my brother and his wife for some relaxation and great food : )

I love this time of year as it really reminds me to reflect on all that I am grateful for in my life.  Over the years, I have come to realize the power of gratitude in creating a happy life. I was recently gifted a beautiful pink leather journal which has now become my gratitude journal. I make sure to open it every morning and write down one thing that I was so grateful for in the past 24 hours and WHY. I believe connecting with the “why” is so important because it allows me to truly understand and appreciate the joy of that moment which has a lasting positive effect.

Last month I met one of my favorite teaching assistants from Harvard after many years. His name is Shawn Achor and he has now become a well-known speaker and author on the topic of “happiness.” He shared that in his research he has learned that only 10% of peoples’ happiness is determined by their circumstances and 90% by the way they perceive the world. So this Thanksgiving and going forward, let us make efforts to perceive the world from a place of gratitude and let us enjoy the ripple effects of happiness this will create for us!

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

With love,

17 Nov

LuvNote #011 – Seize the Moment

This is the most exciting time to be alive! The technology shift taking place today will dramatically change the way we live our lives for the better.  With the availability of exponentially growing technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, sensors, biometrics, the internet of things just to name a few we are able to enhance not just our everyday lives, but our businesses and the world.

As we speak, 3 billion people are connected via the power of the internet but if Google or Facebook have their way, by 2025, that number will expand to include every human being on the planet. Solar and wind energy are now the same price and in some cases cheaper than coal providing social, environmental and economic benefits. Cancer and disease are making strides towards being non-existent with new developments in genetic editing, stem cell research and cancer immunotherapy. We are extending human life with genetic engineering and blood therapies and are on our way to make 100 the new 60 : )

I can go on about autonomous vehicles, flying cars and drones, artificial intelligence and space exploration and colonization. The amount of societal, business and social progress being made by technology today is astounding.  I personally get really excited about the same rapid pace of change and advancement taking place in financial services. Banking for the last 100 years really hasn’t changed much but as of late the industry has been going through a much needed shift. From the growth in digital banking, to the advancements in payments, (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Apple/Samsung Pay) and personal finance management tools (using AI, predicative analytics), to the creation of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offerings just to name a few. The financial world as we know it is becoming easier to navigate and more convenient and value additive for the customer.

So how will this shift affect you? How will this technological revolution allow you to not only survive but thrive in this new world? We’ve seen how the internet boom of the late 1990’s created millionaires and billionaires but more importantly it changed the way we communicate and access information. This is another one of those special moments where we can decide to be players and seize the moment or spectators and accept what spare change is given to us. I once heard that if you are given an opportunity of a lifetime, you must take advantage of it within the lifetime of the opportunity. Seize this moment! Learn, unlearn, and relearn, and figure out how what you are passionate about aligns with these new technological advances and can benefit both your business and the world. Don’t just sit on the sidelines. Get involved, get excited and take advantage of this once in a 100 year opportunity!!

29 Sep

LuvNote #010 – Namaste Your Money

As of late, there has been an awakening where more people are open to trying spiritual practices in order to improve their lives. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, saying affirmations, or just believing in the law of attraction, spirituality is not as taboo as it once was. But when it comes to your finances, can we use these same principles to help us manage money better? I say yes! The following are five spiritual practices that can help you with your finances.

1. Make Peace With Your Money

Deepak Chopra says in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” This is important to apply to your money because your upbringing can affect how you deal with your finances. Do you have a scarcity mentality that is making you a money hoarder or has your money history made you a shopaholic? Whatever your money personality is, you must make peace with it and let go of any habits that are not contributing to your journey towards financial freedom. Take a moment to write down the money messages that you’ve heard coming up, reflect on what you’ve done right so far with your money, and identify the places where you have opportunities to improve. No matter the mistakes you have made, make peace with them. Forgive yourself for what was, accept what is, and begin to move in the right direction today. Letting go of the past is the best first step to creating a brighter financial future, and brighter future in general.

2. Visualize Your Abundance

The law of attraction teaches us that if we want to reach our goals, then visualization is where we should begin. By visualizing your dreams, you teach your brain to tap into the inner resources that you need to make them a reality. It allows you to see your dreams in your mind’s eye in order to accept and believe that you deserve them, and it allows you to stay positive, which will help you to stay on track to be successful in the long run. Visualizing your abundance can help you with your finances in the same way. When you can see yourself with enough money to comfortably reach all of your obligations, then it allows your brain to tap into your inner resources to make that real. When you can see your money goals achieved in your mind’s eye, you can begin to feel the way you would when they actually come to fruition, which will help you attract those outcomes faster. Also, visualizing your abundance will keep you in a positive space with your money, which will eventually attract more money to you.

3. Set Your Money Intentions

In the spiritual world, your intention is everything. If you want to manifest goodness in your life, then you first have to be intentional. As Bryant McGill once said, “Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” What you intend for your money will have an impact on how you choose to use your money. Do you want to save more? Do you want to start a new business? Do you want to get out of debt? All of these are intentions that need to be set before you can begin making a money goal a reality. Once your intentions are set, the subsequent actions that you must take become easier to figure out.

4. Show Gratitude For Your Money

The Hawaiian Huna tradition has seven principles of life, and the third principle, “Makia,” says, “Energy flows where attention goes.” Whether good or bad, whatever you focus on the most is what you will continue to see in your life. By showing gratitude, you are telling whatever you are praising that, yes, you want more of it. Bless your money! Show it gratitude! Every penny, nickel, and dime of it. Don’t take what you have for granted and appreciate that you have it, even if you would prefer more. As Oprah Winfrey once said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Apply that to your money and you will begin to notice an increasingly positive flow. Even if we look at this from a practical perspective, showing gratitude for your money will also guide where you spend your money. Those who are grateful for things will be more likely to take care of them and not be wasteful, which in turn will help you save more money.

5. Treat Other People’s Money as You Want Yours to Be Treated

The Law of Karma says, “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Simply put, that means what goes around comes around. If you put out negative energy in thought, word, or action, that negative energy will come back to you. As it relates to your money, you must realize that when you are borrowing money, whether it’s from a person or a bank, you are being trusted with these funds and there is an expectation that you will honor your word. Just like you would want your money returned to you if you lent it out, this is what others are expecting as well. As you do right with others, this same energy will come back to you.

There are other spiritual laws that can apply to your money such as giving to receive, which can be activated by sharing your wealth or the Law of Allowance, which says that you should be open to allowing others to treat you.

Note: This article was originally posted on Popsugar. Click here for Original

28 Sep

LuvNote #009 – Stay Focused

We all know that the key to success in anything is focus and discipline. And while we do our best to stay focused, it is becoming more and more difficult to do so without some type of distraction getting in our way. Whether it’s work/life balance, social media, coworkers, news, gossip, Beyoncé, or Kim Kardashian, it seems that our brains can’t get a break to do what they know they need to do. The following are 10 ways to stay focused in a world full of distractions.

1. Put Your To-Dos in Writing

Many times, we allow our priorities to fall by the wayside because we don’t fully realize how much is on our plate. If we knew from the very start what our workload was, we would spend less time allowing distractions to distract us. It is important that you put your to-dos in writing. Break down your day so you know what needs to be done by when and so that your to-dos don’t sneak up on you.

2. Use Your Phone to Keep You Honest With Time

Even if you have your to-dos in writing, you may still find yourself distracted by other things. In that case, use your phone to set up reminders throughout the day so you know if you are on time with your deliverables or not. If half the day is over and you are not done with half of your to-dos, then it’s time to pick up the speed a little.

3. Unplug Completely

Most distractions come from online sources like email and social media. Regain some focus by going completely offline until you’ve completely finished the most important or difficult items on your to-do list. Enlist a partner to help you with this just in case there are emergencies. List your partner as a backup or include them in an auto-reply so if something really needs your attention, they can come get you.

4. Turn Off Notifications

If unplugging completely is not possible, try turning off notifications. Many times, the alerts are what distract us the most and kill our groove. Turn off notifications so that you are not distracted by that Instagram comment or Facebook tag.

5. Take a Break

Being bored with what you’re doing or doing something for an extended period of time can really take a toll on your focus. Instead of trying to power through, take a break to reinvigorate your mind. Go for a stroll outside, do some push-ups, or simply stand up and do a lap around your office. You’ll be surprised at how much a break can help you gain more clarity.

6. Listen to Music

I’m not sure of the exact science related to listening to music, but I work alongside quite a few incredible people who do so on the daily because it helps them focus their minds. Some swear by classical music (like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) to focus their minds, and others lean more toward chill electronic (like Odesza). For me, however, I tend to find myself listening to a slower Top 40 Hits track when I need to focus. (In fact, I’m listening to Shawn Mendes’s “Treat You Better” as I type this.) It’s really just a matter of finding the genre that works the best for you. And no matter what style of music you choose, be sure to use headphones so that while you focus, you also signal to others that you are not available to chat.

7. Give Yourself More to Do

I know what you’re thinking: how can having more to do make me focus better? Actually, it’s not really giving you more to do but taking your big to-do list and breaking it down into smaller parts. When you are having a hard time focusing, smaller tasks help you concentrate and trick you into believing you are accomplishing a lot. It’s also very motivating when you’re able to continuously cross items off your list.

8. Log Off of Social Media Sites

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are all addictive. Instead of giving yourself easy access to the distraction, log off of these sites so that you are intentional about what time you spend on social media. Sometimes the lack of easy access can serve as a great tool for better concentration.

9. Make Focus a Team Effort

Coworkers can sometimes serve as the biggest distraction throughout the day, and ignoring them or asking them to leave you alone might not be the best social thing to do. So instead of being reactive to their distraction, make sure they know ahead of time that you need uninterrupted time. Also, use headphones (even if you are not listening to anything) while you travel throughout the office. This can greatly decrease the stop-and-chats in the hallway.

10. Meditate and Stay Centered

Lastly, try meditation. Sometimes quieting the mind and getting centered can give your brain the boost it needs to get your job done. The great thing about meditation is that you can do it from anywhere. All you need to do is count your breath or repeat your mantra. Meditation done the right way can sometimes be better than taking a nap, and all you need is 10-20 minutes. Not to mention, meditation and money may also have a connection to help you improve your finances.

Note: Original article posted on Popsugar. Click here for original