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16 Jun

Women of Color Rise Podcast | June 2022

For this Women of Color Rise episode, we talk with Indian American Luvleen Sidhu, Founder and CEO of BM Technologies. Luvleen checked all the success boxes – graduating from Harvard with her BS and Wharton with her MBA and working at an investment bank and a consulting firm. But instead of checking more and more boxes, Luvleen stopped and made a decision – she would pursue her dream to become an entrepreneur, which eventually led to her becoming the youngest woman to take a company public.

In Women of Color Rise, we talk about aligning with your North Star – your joy, passion, strengths, and values. And the best time to do this is now. Luvleen is a great example of this. She spotted a unique market opportunity and now leads her 300 person company with her values so that people feel cared for and have fun. Luvleen is also mindful of her energy, rekindling her chanting and journaling practice, setting intentions, and using a “flip it” mentality to see tough situations in a positive light.

Analiza and Luvleen discuss:

  • Growing up in a loving Indian American family, where she was instilled with work ethic and confidence (her father called her the “bestest”)
  • Getting into her dream school of Harvard
  • Making the calculated decision to become an entrepreneur after Harvard, Wharton, banking, and consulting
  • Spotting the opportunity to launch a financial technology company for a completely different banking experience
  • How Luvleen uses the “Flip It” method – take a negative view and flip it to a positive view
  • How Luvleen won a big client using the method – place your order and manifest what you want 
  • Luvleen’s leadership – how she manages positive energy for herself, making sure people are clear on where the company is focused on winning, caring for her people
  • The surprises and bureaucratic operations of running a public company
  • How letting go of old definitions of what a good partner should be allowed Luvleen to find her perfect match
  • How Luvleen practices self-care through chanting and journaling
Luvleen Sidhu